Visitor Information

We extend a warm welcome to all visitors and hope that the following information is of use to you.

Why not extend your trip North and spend your weekend (whilst not at the match) visiting some of the many attractions in the North East of Scotland. Visit ABDN gives details of local places of interest.

Facilities at the Ground

Ladies and Gents toilets are available in the pavilion (enter by right-hand door beside the stairs from the street).

Visitors with Disabilities

A small car park is sited in the ground for those with disabled passes on their cars. Enter the ground by the Cromwell Road entrance. Once in the ground please keep to the narrow track between the shed and the poles rather than driving on the grass. The Club Centre has some steps which can be covered by wooden ramps on request. If you require help, please use the intercom at the side door which will connect you to the bar staff.

Press Facilities

Unfortunately, there is no power available for computers at the ground. At the Club Centre, power can be provided and there is a free wireless network covering the building.